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Cheryl, Thank you all so much for the outstanding service I received when I was in your store. You are all so very helpful and friendly! Your boutique is a gold mine in my opinion. My daughter's prom dress fit absolutely perfect! She had so much fun picking out all the accessories especially the long gloves. Thanks for making this purchase so fun! I am happy to spread the word to my friends about how wonderful your staff and shop are. Thanks again for all of the great help and attention to detail. I took the liberty of attaching a few pics to show the result of everyone's hard work at Penina!

 I looked for my prom gown at Penina's after shopping at least 3 other stores. I think Penina's has a great selection and I had a bunch of gowns to choose from. I liked 2 different ones but I picked a print that was a "one of a kind." Stephanie helped me with trying on the dresses and giving me shoes to try on too. She told me that no one else would have my dress and no one did! It was a great experience shopping at Penina's!

Cheryl, I just pulled out your business card to call Penina with a question about having my daughter's wedding dress cleaned and preserved and when I looked on the back of the card for your email address I read your description of what you carry in your store. I just had to tell you again that the dress I purchased for my daughter's May 31st wedding was indeed "truly exceptional"! I know that I could not have found a dress like mine anywhere else. So many of our guests told me that I was stunning and my dress was gorgeous. I know that I have told you all this when I was in last with LeeAnn and I brought in our pictures but I wanted to tell you again! "Truly exceptional" does not describe your dresses and I am happy to own one.